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We aggregate enormous amounts of data, hosts thousands of vacancies and we deal with millions of data points. As part of de Persgroep employment solution, both “Nationale Vacaturebank” (NVB) and “Intermediar” help thousands of people find jobs and add value to a multitude of companies. We are looking for Scala developer to join our race.

How to get hired

Being at the top requires forward thinking. We are therefore looking for Scala developers to help build and create the innovation required to remain at the top of the employment branch.

If you are interested, show us who you are. How are you in a team, how have you grown in the past years and how do you fit within a team?

You should have:

  • A relevant degree, to demonstrate persistence
  • Years of experience in OOP to demonstrate a level of maturity

You should be:

  • Proactive in learning and preparation
  • Open and fun and interesting during the interview process

Some technological basics: Scala and being able to analyse the JVM metrics, SBT, Akka, Axon or other CQRS & Event Sourcing framework & AWS SDK.

What do we expect?

In a world which is increasingly more mobile, both websites stand their ground ground. Intermediar and NVB have been awarded “Website van het Jaar” in 2018. If you want to work with us, ask yourself the questions;

  • How many new usable functionalities can you think of that will benefit a vacancy website?  
  • Do you actively participate in a scrum and the stand-ups?
  • What technology are you working with that can benefit our business?

From a senior software developer we expect a level of maturity rather than years of experience. Naturally asking questions to understand the role and proactively give suggestions to see where you can add.

We offer you

Remuneration package is a good indicator of how the company values its employees. We have therefore tried to outlined it in the best way possible.  

For this position your salary has a maximum annual salary of 65.000,- euro’s.

  • Additional benefits include a profit sharing of around 1 additional monthly salary per year.
  • An extensive pension scheme, in which de Persgroep supplies around 66% of your pension.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses up to 100% and when using a car this is provided upfront.
  • 12% per month holiday allowance, which can be used for training or be spend on transport to buy a new bike.  

Interested in becoming our newest Scala Developer?

Contact me using or give me a call using 0650474528. Also if you are just interested in some additional information, please send me an email and I'll make sure you get your information.

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